hi, I'm Glitchy or Vash, I don't really care what you address me as.
my pronouns are they/it, I'm aroace and nonbinary, I also have autism, ADHD and BPD


not very good at talking to strangers, if you need tone tags let me know. I'm also really forgetful
if i come across as rude or uninterested I'm not trying to be

be honest with me, i can stop anything if it bothers you. i am clueless most of the time
english is not my first language

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I love jjba, trigun, ultrakill, phighting, madcom, mp100, 8:11 and persona!

i also really like limbus company, madoka magica, identity v and pokemon!

basic dni criteria, limit interactions if you're younger than 15, i'll find out if i don't like you

try not to vent without asking first, don't ship me with my friends

don't talk about animal death/injury around me, give me a warning before sending gross lookin' bugs... 

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The ticket to the future is always open.

And when things calm down, I'll quietly settle by their side again.